The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021 is out!

Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report of 2021 is out!

Startup Genome defines its mission as accelerating startup success and ecosystem performance everywhere, working together with global thought leaders to define and execute robust policies and programs that drive lasting change.

The report includes the current state of the startup ecosystem, 2021 rankings, sub-sectoral analyses, and regional and global insights.

This year’s report also includes highlights from the gaming industry and AI, big data & analytics industries in Turkey. According to the report, Turkey is the lead AI investor in the MEA region with a total investment amounting to $3.4 billion and nearly 200 AI startups have been founded in the last 5 years, mentioning Tarentum AI as one of the most promising.

To learn more about the region-specific details on sub-sector strengths and get more information about the state of the startups in gaming and AI in Turkey, click here.


Aysu Ayık